GVMC Remembrance Day Crib Tournament



Tuesday, November 11, 2014
10:30:00 AM
GVMC Clubhouse - members
Lil Benderski Jim Brooke
(604)535-4860 (604)930-8464
lilbenderski@shaw.ca jebrooke@telus.net

GVMC Remembrance Day Crib Tournament

The GVMC's Remembrance Day Crib Tournament will be held on Tuesday Nov. 11, 2014 at the GVMC Clubhouse at #307-192nd St. Surrey B.C. Sign up and coffee will be from 10:30am - 11:00am with the games starting at 11:02am after two minutes silence to honour our veterans. The event is generally over by 4:00pm. Signup is $20.00 which includes snacks, a meal and cash prizes. All are welcome. You don't have to be a Club member to participate. Just a beginner - come on out and learn - we don't play cut throat crib. Everyone is more than happy to help new players. It's great fun - lots of laughs - and a chance to socialize off the bikes. Friends and family are welcome as well.

As we only have room for a maximum of 32 players please let us know if you are planning on attending by contacting us through the Contact Us on the left so that we can put your name on the list and count noses for food. Be sure to give us a phone number so that we can contact you if there are any changes to the event or if our quota is filled.

Check under Past Events for pictures and information on previous Remembrance Day Crib Tournaments. More photos in the Photo Gallery.

Event Comments:

The 2014 Remembrance Crib Tournament was a great success. Played on an unusually sunny day, even a bike showed up. All 32 players had fun, played cards and chatted with new and old friends. Snacks were available when breaks occurred. A filling dinner was provided at the end of play. To emphasize Remembrance Day some members and guests brought photos, medals, and momentoes of family members showing how close Remembrance Day is to all of us even after all this time.

1st place ($25 each) went to Steve Prost/ Ron Serne
2nd place ($20 each) went to Robert ****/ John ****
3rd place ($15 each) went to Ron Benderski/ Vince Peterson
Lowest score ($10 each) went to Zena Bowman / Kathy Happell
The tournament earned a profit of $247.03

Thank you to the club members and guests that helped make this a fun and successful day with special notice to Lil B, Jackie H, Sandy G, Julie B, Ron B. Berny & Todd. With a major mention to Ron Serne whose data and experience made it an easier day for me.
Thanks for coming to all.
Jim Brooke

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