68th Annual GVMC Routledge Run - Road And Adventure Touring



Friday, July 8, 2022
8:00:00 AM
GVMC Clubhouse
Wes Jamison John Taylor
604) 857-4880 (604)454-7432
 wes@wesjamison.com; jakers_357@hotmail.com
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Current Information On The Routledge Run

68th Annual GVMC Routledge Run- Road Ride and Adventure Touring Ride.

Friday, July 8, 2022 to Sunday July 10,2022

Mark these dates on your calendar for a great weekend Motorcycle Adventure.

Current Covid Protocols will be observed.

The Routledge Run will be based out of Tunkwa Lake Day Use Area.

$50.00 - Includes a New York Steak Barbecue Dinner

The event will kick off at 8:30 AM from Tunkwa Lake Day use area located on the South side of Tunkwa Lake Saturday July 9th, 2022. We have abandoned Merritt and Moon Shadow Campsite due to the noise issues at an all-night Rave over this weekend.

We will host a BBQ dinner Saturday July 9th at 4-6 PM at Tunkwa Lake Campground, North side of Lake. Look for Wes & Debís Blue F150 truck and RV.


Attendees can book accommodation anywhere in Logan Lake/ Kamloops or Merritt or camp at Tunkwa/Leighton lake. Tunkwa & Leighton lake are $18 per night. Leighton lake is next door to Tunkwa. Tunkwa Lake is first come first serve camping. (Usage has been about 50% all season so far)


There is some space available at Moon shadow now but very limited as this time of year will be peak season.

It is encouraged that people book their spaces as soon as one can to avoid disappointment.

There will be 2 routes. One for road and one for Adventure touring. The adventure touring route will be mostly road with about 25 Km's of good gravel. Ride past the best scenery in B.C. Join us in a fun weekend of riding!

For more information contact :
Wes Jamison
or wes@wesjamison.com

History Of The Routledge Run

This event was started in 1954, dedicated to Bob Routledge, a respected motorcycle mechanic and one of the signers of the 1939 GVMC incorporation. The original perpetual trophy features a pewter figure of a German army dispatch rider on a BMW that was donated to the Club by GVMC member Don Franks. This may have been a souvenir brought back by returning soldiers after World War II, but itís exact origin and significance is a mystery.

Traditionally, the event was held as a Saturday ride to a campground, with a field meet on Sunday. Field meets involved tests of rider skill, such as riding a length of 2x4, throwing darts from a moving bike, rolling a barrel with the front wheel, a slow race (last one across the finish line wins, touch a foot down youíre out), and any other crowd pleasing stunts the organizers could dream up.

The field meets gradually lost their appeal, and with the rise in dual sport riding, the event was given a fresh approach. The Routledge Run has in recent years been successful as a two-day ride, with street riders and dual sport riders taking separate routes to an overnight campout. The camaraderie and good times continue.

Event Comments:
2022 66th Annual Routledge Run

The 66th Annual Routledge Run continued after a 2-year absence from the pandemic this July 2022.

We started off at Tunkwa Lake BC near Logan Lake at the provincial campground Friday July 8th with the ride Saturday July 9th.

Saturday July 9th at 8:30 AM we left Tunkwa Lake headed for Kamloops & pulled in for our gas and hydrating beverages. We then proceeded to the Tranquille area North of Kamloops. We had 13 participants overall. Our first stop was a flat tire before we hit the gravel. Once repaired we meandered through the back country of the Deadman- vidette area and through mosquitos to the pavement 20 km east of Cache creek.

Lunch was a late affair in Cache creek due to the hour-long flat repair. After Cache Creek we rode highway to Ashcroft and up to several forest roads that did not push through to return us to Tunkwa lake. So, they were quickly abandoned and we returned to base camp via the pavement.

What followed was a BBQ dinner prepared by Debbie, Rob, & Barry with Wes on steak grilling duty. The meal entailed NY steaks, baked potatoes, Caesar salad and garlic toast with a beer and Nanaimo bars for dessert.

It was a great feeling to connect with friends old and new. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience, conversations and comradery and we look forward to the 2023 Routledge Run.
Check back for next yearís event details after New Yearís.
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