73rd Annual GVMC Piston Run Hare Scrambles



Saturday, June 3, 2023
8:00:00 AM
Chipmunk Creek/Wally's Staging Area
Dwight Harris Ray Keller
604)466-8812 (604)612-1036
 dwightpat@shaw.ca; rkeller@wcwtholdings.com
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73rd Annual GVMC Piston Run Hare Scrambles
Saturday June 3, 2023 and Sunday June 4th 2023

History of the Piston Run

In 1948, Trev Deeley seized his Harley 45 racing the National at Daytona Beach. The damaged piston and rod were mounted on a shield to form the perpetual Piston Run trophy. There is, on the clubhouse wall, a small Piston Run trophy, engraved “1942”. This suggests the event has an even longer history, but in any case, the perpetual trophy dates consecutively from 1949.

The event was originally an enduro, where riders had to average given speeds to arrive at checkpoints by a certain time. There were no dirt bikes before the 1960’s, and riders often took the saddlebags and lights off their daily transportation (few riders were rich enough to afford a car), rode the event, then washed the bike and bolted the lights and bags back on for the ride home. The course was traditionally challenging, with riders on 400 to 600 pound bikes charging into mudholes, logs and streambeds. Many riders of heavier bikes took a passenger along to help push.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s the Piston Run was one of the toughest enduros in the Province. The courses were mostly rocky hillsides and undeveloped land that we could access. The riders were supposed to ride two laps, but many would make it through one lap and call it quits. The diehards really had to work to finish the course.

By the early 1980’s, timekeeping had fallen out of favour, so the format was changed to a hare scrambles race. It was one of the original five events when the PNWMA started the Off-Road Series in 1984. In 1985, the first of the souvenir beer mugs was given out to finishers. This started a new tradition of collecting beer mugs, which continues today.

Current Information On The Piston Run

73rd Annual Piston Run Hare Scrambles presented by the GVMC

Mark these dates Sunday June 3rd & 4th, 2023 on your calendar for a great off road adventure.

BCORCS Off Road Championship Event

Saturday, June 3rd events are for Kids and Beginners

Sunday, June 4th is for Adults.


Pre-Entry on line PNWMA Website until 6:00PM Thursday prior to the race
With Trail Pass $55.00 (Must show current year membership.)
Without Trail Pass $65.00
PNWMA License Required – Individual Year $40.00 – Weekend $20.00 – Includes 1 transponder
- Family - Year $60.00 – Weekend $30.00 – Includes 2 transponders – Extra transponders $5.00
BCORMA Trail Pass (optional) $45.00 - (youth 17 & under Free)

Spark arrestors required -- 96 Decibel Limit -- “Less Sound More Ground”

Concession - Open Both Days (Saturday and Sunday) Cash Only

Sausage and Pancake Breakfast
Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches
Beverages, cookies, Muffins

Saturday June 4th 2022

Kid’s Intermediate - Women’s Beginner - Kid’s Junior
Kid’s Beginner – Kid’s Pee W – Sign-Up Fee - $40.00

Sign Up: 8:00 AM Rider’s Meeting: 10:30 AM
Race: 11:00 AM

For All Class, Engine Sizes and Race Length Information
Please check the PNWMA Website www.pnwma.com

Sunday June 5th 2022

“The 72nd Annual Piston Run Hare Scrambles”
Sponsored by Daytona Motorsports

The First 99 Sign-ups receive a Souvenir Beer Mug

SIGN UP: 7:30 AM
RACE: 11:00

Directions…..Take Vedder Rd exit (#119) off Hwy 1 at Chilliwack. Drive south through Sardis and turn left at the steel bridge towards Chilliwack Lake. After 25km, turn left on gravel road. Follow arrows to Rapids Staging Area & Campsite, 6km off the blacktop.

For Camping Reservations at Rapids Camp Site - visit www.chilliwackvalleycampsites.ca

For More Information: Dwight 604-466-8812
Ray 604-612-1036

Daytona Motorsports
Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club

Check in the Photo Gallery and Past Events to see the great fun had at this event in the past.

Event Comments:
73rd Annual Piston Run
Saturday and Sunday June 3rd & 4th, 2023

The 73rd annual Piston Run was held at the GVMC trail system at Chipmunk Creek in the Chilliwack River Valley. The event took place over two days with the Kid’s Beginner, Intermediate and Junior races; the Women’s Beginner race; and the Peewee race being held on Saturday, and the main event – The Piston Run – being held on Sunday. A total of 61 riders showed up for the Saturday races, and 247 riders competed for the Piston Trophy on Sunday. A total of 308 riders in all competed over the two days. This was the largest turnout ever for the Piston Run.

The weather co-operated this year with both Saturday and Sunday being beautiful sunny days. The course was in excellent condition and held up well, due in part to the dry sunny weather. A special thanks to Chris Carey and Ray Keller and their crew for all the hard work they did setting up the course. Great job guys, thank you.

The winners of the Saturday races were:
1. Women’s Beginner – Brooke Bhe
2. Kid’s Junior – Jonah Treadway
3. Kid’s Beginner – Brock Paloposki
4. Kid’s Intermediate – Gavin Wilson
5. Peewee – Rider Lock

On Sunday 247 riders signed up to race on the 27 Km course. Depending on the class the time to complete the course took from 2 to 2 ½ hrs.
The winner of the coveted Piston Run trophy (first place over-all) was Tyler Murray who was entered in the Masters class.

The only mishap that occurred was to a rider who had a fingernail ripped off. This is not a very serious injury, but it is an extremely painful one.

The food concession was open both days and served a pancake and sausage breakfast, and offered hot dogs, hamburgers, soft drinks and water throughout the day. Special thanks go to Rob Pinder, June Busch and Debbie Jamison for manning the concession all day for both days.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out very early each day to help with pre-riding the course, parking, checking, sweep riding, and packing everything in and out. A lot of hard, time-consuming work was carried out by our club members. Too many to mention here and rather than risk overlooking someone who contributed they shall all remain nameless, but not forgotten. Thank you all; you guys are the best!

Special thanks go out to:
1. All the PNWMA people who did the check-in, sign-up and time keeping.
2. The Chilliwack Amateur Radio Club for keeping us in touch with Search and Rescue, if needed.
3. International Motorsports for their donation of 40 helmets for the kids’ events.
4. Daytona Motorsports for their continued sponsorship over the years, and especially for their donation of the commemorative Piston Run mugs.
Jackie Heppler who, once again, took care of all the on-site sign-up.
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